Impulse Graphic & Display Solutions, a print and display solutions provider is committed to the responsible stewardship of the planet.

We fulfill this commitment by:

  •  Developing, implementing and maintaining environmental initiatives.
  •  Complying to Provincial and local environmental regulations and requirements.
  •  A pro-active approach to reducing resource consumption.
  •  Minimize/reduce any adverse environmental impact resulting from our business activity.
  •  Supplying to the best of our capabilities eco-friendly products/solutions.
  •  Encourage relationships with suppliers who in turn are environmentally responsible.


Our ongoing initiatives in support of the above include:

  •  Printing on materials produced from re-cycled products or materials that can be re-cycled,
  •  Maximizing material yield and consumption with the help of sophisticated software.
  •  Re-cycling left over materials where ever possible.
  •  Printing with UV cured, environmentally friendly inks.
  •  Repairing wood skids for re-use.
  •  Constructing our own shipping crates to insure the product arrives safely.